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Radiologists are playing a definite role in the clinical management of high ranking athletes as well as of people enrolled in various forms of mass sports. At least since the Olympic games of Atlanta in 1996, indications for diagnostic imaging have been shifted towards the on-site detection of trauma and overuse. With new technologies in sonography, MDCT and MRI the possibility to document subtle findings has been pushed forward enormously. This leads to the detection of slight stress reactions of the bones, typical patterns of tendinosis, muscle trauma, or early forms of bone marrow edema. Distinct sports-related signs can be described with new insights in pathophysiology. Along with the detection of early abnormalities a new field of research is opened for the prevention of tendon ruptures, osteoarthritis, and fractures of bone. Thus, imaging in sports is an important link between sports medicine and imaging sciences stimulating each other within interdisciplinary clinical management.

The subcommittee for Imaging in Sports was founded with the intention to promote the various aspects of specific indications, of standardised techniques of investigation, and of the better understanding of imaging findings.


Maryam Shahabpour/BE since July 2013

Past chairs

C Faletti/IT
M Padron/ES
J Kramer/AT

Subcommittee Sports Members


Josef Kramer/AT
Claudia Schüller-Weidekamm/AT
Alexander Sachs/AT
Maryam Shahabpour/BE
Jan Gielen/BE
Madani Afarine/BE
Carlo Faletti/IT
Mario Padron/SP
Eva Llopis/SP
Ara Kassarjian/SP
Andrea Alcala-Galiano/SP
Maria José Ereno Ealo/SP
Apostolos Karantanas/GR
Maria Tzalonikou/GR
Ioannis Tsifountoudis/GR
Igor Boric/HR
Matej Mustapic/HR
Phil Robinson/UK
Andrew Grainger/UK
Philip O’Connor/UK
Rob Campbell/UK
Eugene McNally/UK
David Wilson/UK
Gina Allen/UK
Qaiser Malik/UK
Sarath Bethapudi/UK
Amanda Isaac/UK
Basavaraj Chari/UK
Mario Maas/NL
Milko DeJonge/NL
Marina Obradov/NL
Bas Maresch/NL
Christian Glaser/GE
Andreas Heuck/GE
Benjamin Fritz/GE
Pia Jungmann/GE
Marc-André Weber/GE
Christoph Schaeffeler/CH
Reto Sutter/CH
Malwina Kaniewska/CH
Alberto Vieira/PT
P. Diana Afonso/PT
Violeta Vasilevska/MK
Juha-Sampo Suomalainen/Fi
Roar Pedersen/NO

Sports Subcommittee Guidelines of MR Imaging of Sports Injuries


Maryam Shahabpour/BE
Chairman of the ESSR Sports Subcommittee


Postgraduate Courses

Based on a first congress for imaging in sports organised by Prof. WW Gibbon in Leeds (GB) in 1997, a series of postgraduate courses for Imaging in Sports was started

List Sports Subcommittee Meetings

1999 Salzburg (F. Kainberger/A)
2000 Capri (C. Masciocchi/I, C. Faletti/I)
2001 Amsterdam (organised by the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University of Amsterdam, M. Maas/NL, C. van Cuijk/NL)
2002 Bucharest (C. Faletti/I)
2003 Crete (C. Faletti/I, local organiser: A. Karantanas/GR)
Sports Imaging Meeting in Madrid 6 Oct 2007
Sports Imaging Meeting in Turin 6 Nov 2008
Sports Imaging Meeting in Zagreb 6 Nov 2009
Sports Imaging Meeting in Linz 10/11 Oct 2011
Sports Imaging Meeting in Istanbul 5/6. Oct 2012
Sports Imaging Meeting in Munich, 11/12 Oct 2013
Sports Imaging Meeting in St. Petersburg, 23/24. May 2014
Sports & Arthritis Meeting in Wroclaw 7-8 Nov 2014 (Sudol-Szopinska, Kramer, Shahabpour)
Sports Imaging Meeting in St Petersburg 18-19 Sept 2015 (Kramer, Trofimova)
Sports Imaging Course in Munich 16-17 Oct 2015 (Heuck, Kramer, Glaser)
Sports & Arthritis Meeting in Cracow 13-14 Nov 2015 (Sudol-Szopinska, Shahabpour)
Amsterdam/Netherlands April 21-23, 2016 “Sports radiology meets sports medicine: a Synergetic approach (1+1=3)” + Ultrasound course for residents
Sports & Arthritis Meeting in Cracow 18-19 Nov 2016

Next meeting(s)

Sports Imaging Meeting in Athens 19-20 May 2017 (Tzalonikou, Karantanas, Shahabpour)
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Sports Imaging Course in Munich 13-14 Oct 2017 (Heuck, Kramer, Glaser)
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Sports meetings in preparation:
2018: Zurich (20-21 April)
2019: Dusseldorf (April)

Promotion of interdisciplinary activities

Contacts with orthopaedic and trauma surgeons as well as with specialists in other fields of sports medicine are regarded as a key-issue of the Committee. A programme of implementing a continuous exchange of information will be executed within the next years.

Standardisation of Imaging Procedures

Following a suggestion made by N. Egund an initiative to standardize specialised imaging investigations in sports medicine will be started.

Scientific activities

Since 1996, during the Annual Meetings of the ESSR a scientific session entitled “Imaging in Sports” is held every year. Imaging findings in various sports-related diseases are discussed. Especially young researchers in this field are encouraged to submit the results of their research work for presentation during these sessions.
The coordination of multicenter studies driven by the committee, is under discussion.

Book Project done: Sports Injuries in Children and Adolescents
Book Project done: Sport Traumatology Imaging
Book Project done: MR Imaging of the Knee
Book Project done: MRI of the Hip
Book Project done: MRI Foot and Ankle

New Running Projects of ESSR SPORTS:
– MRI of Shoulder
– MRI of Elbow
– MRI of Wrist, Hand & Fingers
Editors: Shahabpour – Sutter