12:10 - 12:40 Ultrasound anatomy and live demonstration: the upper limb

L. Sconfienza, Milan/IT (Lecture)
E. La Paglia, Alessandria/IT (Demonstration)

All groups

12:40 - 13:10 Ultrasound anatomy and live demonstration: the lower limb

E. Drakonaki, Heraklion/GR (Lecture)
A. Tagliafico, Genoa/IT (Demonstration)

All groups

13:15 - 14:35 Rapid fire lectures

Groups 1 to 18
* Tendon trauma
A. Klauser, Innsbruck/AT
* Muscle trauma
A. Plagou, Athens/GR
* Ligament trauma
A. Bueno, Alcorcón/ES
* Nerve trauma
P. Peetrons, Brussels/BE
* Fractures
J. Griffith, Hong Kong/HK
* Infections
G. Allen, Oxford/UK
* Post-operative complications
M. Zappia, Naples/IT

15:05 - 16:25 Rapid fire lectures

Groups 19 to 36
* Tendon trauma
A. Klauser, Innsbruck/AT
* Muscle trauma
J. Jacobson, Ann Arbor/USA
* Ligament trauma
F. Di Pietto, Naples/IT
* Nerve trauma
A. Loizides, Innsbruck/AT
* Fractures
J. Griffith, Hong Kong/HK
* Infections
R. Campbell, Liverpool/UK
* Post-operative complications
D. Wilson, Oxford/UK

16:30 - 17:10 Video presentations

All groups
* US-guided procedures around muscles and soft tissues
J. Gielen, Anwerp/BE
* US-guided joint aspiration
D. Orlandi, Genoa/IT





13:15 - 14:35 Hands-on teaching

Groups 19 to 36

15:05 - 16:25 Hands-on teaching

Groups 1 to 18


Room 1

08:30 - 10:15 Trauma: the upper limb

Trauma: The upper limb     
M. Midiri, Palermo/IT – P.Aparisi Gomez, Valencia/ES
* Bony shoulder
F. Del Grande, Lugano/CH
Acromion-clavicular and sterno-clavicular joints
G. Privitera, Messina/IT
* Soft tissues around the shoulder
A. Grainger, Leeds/UK
* Bony elbow
A. Bazzocchi, Bologna/IT
* Soft tissues around the elbow
* Bony wrist
S. Donatiello, Modena/It
* Soft tissues around the wrist
N. Mamisch-Saupe, Zurich/CH
* Fingers
A. Klauser, Innsbruck/AT
* Nerve trauma in the upper limb
G. Riegler, Vienna/AT
* Pediatric upper limb trauma
P. Simoni, Brussels/BE

10:45 - 12:30 Scientific Paper Session - Hip

Scientific Paper Session – Hip    
P. Robinson, Leeds/UK – M. Epermane, Riga/LV
* The relationship between femoral neck anteversion and low back pain in patients with severe unilateral primary hip osteoarthritis
A. Piazzolla, Bari/IT
* Correlation between imaging and arthroscopy in patients presenting with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) to a young adult hip center of excellence
A. Isaac, London/UK
* 3D printing (3DP) applications in complex revision hip arthroplasty (CRHA): A prospective nonrandomised controlled observational cohort study.
A. Isaac, London/UK
* Transient “Femoral blaze” phenomenon in patients treated with Corail®Hip arthroplasty: an observational cohort study & theoretical evaluation of possible causes
D. Dalili, London/UK
* The outcomes of hip arthroscopy with cross-sectional, scintigraphic, sonographic and conventional radiographic correlation: Experience from a young adult hip centre of excellence
D. Dalili, London/UK
* Leg lengthening and femoral-offset reduction after total hip arthroplasty: where is the problem related – stem or cup positioning?
B. Al-Amiry, Stockholm/SE
* 3D HRCT measurement of acetabular spatial orientation angles: standard reconstruction planes proposal for an objective and reproducible evaluation
A. Colaninno, Bari/IT
* Ischiofemoral impingement syndrome – the role of MRI in the age aspect.
K. Kubacheva, St. Petersburg/RU
* Acetabular coverage assessment based on semi-automated 3D-modelled biplanar radiographs
B. Fritz, Zurich/CH
* Femoral neck anteversion (FNA): Validation and reproducibility of two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) methods for measurement on repeated CT examinations
N. Egund, Aarhus/DK
* CT-based range-of-motion measurements in patients with dislocated and non-dislocated total hip arthroplasties.
R. Wellenberg, Amsterdam/NL
* A prospective comparative study between three dimensional pelvimetry by low-dose stereoradiography versus low-dose helical CT pelvimetry
A. Podda, Besancon/FR
* Iliac Wing Sign: A sentinel sign for ipsilateral pelvic and hip disorders
A. Marchand, Rennes/FR

14:00 - 14:30 Welcome ceremony
14:30 - 16:00 Plenary session - ESSR meets…

ESSR meets Russia
G. Guglielmi, Foggia/IT – V. Sinitsyn, Moscow/RU
* Bone trauma in children and adolescents: diagnostic challenges
A. Karpenko, St Petersburg/RU
* Pelvic muscle and tendon overuse injuries
A. Uchevatkin, Moscow/RU
* MRI in bone marrow disorders
Y. Nazinkina, St Petersburg/RU
ESSR meets China
X. Cheng, Beijing/CN – G. Guglielmi, Foggia/IT
* Stability evaluation in spine trauma
H. Yuan, Beijing/CN
* Soft tissue invasion by malignant bone tumors
W. Xu, Qingdao/CN
* MRI imaging of pediatric hip disorders
S. Pan, Shenyang/CN

16:30 - 18:15 Trauma: the lower limb

Trauma: The lower limb     
F. Kainberger, Vienna/AT – M. Zanetti, Zurich/CH
* Acetabular fractures
U. Aydingoz, Ankara/TR
* Military trauma
E. Sellon, Oxford/UK
* Bony knee
M. Taljanovic, Tucson/US
* Soft tissues around the knee
J. Griffith, Hong Kong/HK
* Cartilage trauma
P. O’Connor, Leeds/UK
* Muscle trauma
M. Padron, Madrid/ES
* Bony ankle
A. Barile, L’Aquila/IT
* Ankle impingement
L. Steinbach, San Francisco/US
* Foot
H. Umans, New York/US
* Pediatrics
H. Platzgummer, Vienna/AT

Room 2

08:30 - 10:15 Interventional peripheral

Interventional peripheral
R. Campbell, Liverpool/UK –  E. Silvestri, Genoa/IT
* Acute pain control in interventional procedures
J. Gielen, Antwerp/BE
* Diagnosis and treatment of peripheral osteoid osteoma
V. Bousson, Paris/FR
* PRP in rotator cuff tendinopathy
S. Martin Martin, Palma de Mallorca/ES
* US-guided treatment of muscle trauma
A. Corazza, Milan/IT
* Diagnosis and treatment of lateral epicondylitis
M. Obradov, Nijmegen/NL
* US-guided nerve injections
J. Veryser, Ghnet/BE
* Fusion imaging-guided interventions outside the spine
D. Orlandi, Genoa/IT
* Treatment of para-articular cysts by cement injection
T. Le Corroller, Marseille/FR
* Percutaneous augmented osteoplasty: when cement is not enough
D. K. Filippiadis, Athens/GR
* US-guided treatment of calcific tendinopathy
L. Sconfienza, Milan/IT

10:45 - 12:30 Scientific Paper Session - Spine

Scientific Paper Session – Spine    
G. Storto, Rionero/IT – C. Loupatatzis, Maennedorf/CH
* Enthesopathy of Erector Spinae at the Iliac Crest: A Frequent Cause for “Nonspecific” Low Back Pain – an Ultrasound Study
P. Todorov, Plovdiv/BG
* Traumatic Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebral Injuries – Current CT Report Status in a Tertiary Institute
A. Al-Taie, Doha/QA
* Using dedicated low field MRI in ligament lesion of atlantoaxial instability and dysfunction of C0-C2.
S. Giannini, Rome/IT
* Targeted MDCT-guided ganglion impar blockade for coccydynia.
D. Amos, Oxford/UK
* Iterative reconstructions and tube voltage variation as methods of radiation dose reduction in CT imaging of spine fractures
M. Brönnimann, Bern/CH
* Are whole spine localisers in magnetic resonance imaging examination of lumbar spine useful for detection of unexpected vertebral findings? Pilot study.
M. Kaniewska, Baden/CH
* Is it really sacroiliitis? Radiological and clinical follow up of subtle sacroiliac joint magnetic resonance imaging findings in patients with suspected axial spondyloarthritis
H. Lee, London/UK
* Lumbar and sacral plexuses anatomy: Magnetic resonance evaluation with 3D isotropic T1-weighted sequence
G. Lefebvre, Lille/FR
* “Vanishing gas” phenomenon as an early predictor of spondylodiscitis detected with CT
M. Garcia Alzamora, Basel/CH
* Is vertebral bone marrow edema reduction related to clinical symptoms improvement in patients with acute vertebral compression fractures? A clinical-radiological study
A. Piazzolla, Bari/IT
* MRI features of post-arthroscopy pain syndrome (PAPS): Correlation with preoperative imaging and up to four years of follow up
A. Isaac, London/UK
* Back and hip pain in elite rowers: A hip injection strategy for pre-labral capsulitis
B. Sharif, Harrow/UK






16:30 - 18:15 Arthritis

P. Simoni, Brussels/BE M. Wick, Stockholm/SE
* The spine in the rheumatic disease
M. Reijnierse, Leiden/NL
* Sacroiliitis in spondyloarthritis: tips and tricks
A. Jurik, Aarhus/DK
* Shine bright like a diamond- Crystal Arthropathy
W. Rennie, Leicester/UK
* Hand radiograph: RA or not?
A. Cotten, Lille/FR
* Rheumatoid fat issue
I. Sudol-Szopinska, Warsaw/PL
* Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis
J. Teh, Oxford/UK
* WB-MRI in arthritis: pros and cons
M. Maas, Amsterdam/NL
* Imaging of haemophilic arthropathy
C. Martinoli, Genoa/IT
* Arthritis-related fracture risk
A. Mester, Budapest/HU

Room 3

08.30 - 10:15 Tumor - Part 1

Tumor – Part 1     
I. Beggs, Edinburgh/UK – K. Wörtler, Munich/DE
* Untreated bone tumors mimicking trauma and traumatic lesions mimicking bone tumors
R. Lalam, Oswestry/UK
* Non-oncologic traumatic radiology and acute radiology in patients who survived musculoskeletal sarcoma
H. Bloem, Leiden/NL
* The occult bone tumor presenting after trauma
S. Anderson, Baden/CH
* Acute trauma mimicking soft tissue tumors
P. Robinson, Leeds/UK
* Chronic (repetitive) trauma mimicking soft tissue tumors
F. Vanhoenacker, Antwerp/BE
* Sport trauma after tumor treatment
G. Astrom, Uppsala/SE
* Biometabolic and morphologic imaging integration in the evaluation of malignant skeletal disease
G. Rubini, Bari/IT
* Case quiz: when chest radiologist needs urgent help from an MSK radiologist?
K. Verstraete, Ghent/BE

10:45 - 12:30 Scientific Paper Session - Metabolic and other

Scientific Paper Session – Metabolic and other  
V. Fusco, Rionero/IT – R. Vadapalli, Hyderabad/IN
* The influence of vertebral fractures (VF) and vertebral osteoarthrosis (VO) on Trabecular Bone Score (TBS): preliminary results.
A. Poloni, Arcene/IT
* The impact of image analysis errors (IAE) on lumbar spine (LS) and proximal femoral (PF) dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA).
C. G. Monaco, San Donato Milanese/IT
* Trabecular Bone Score and Bone Mineral Density: Are They Influenced by Body Mass Index?
M. Petrini, Rottofreno/IT
* Reproducibility of bone mineral density and trabecular bone score with different scan modes on phantom: the effect of a fictitious soft tissue increase.
C. Messina, Milan/IT
* Improving the opportunistic identification of osteoporotic vertebral fractures with Computed Tomography
E. Kariki, Manchester/UK
* Ultrasonography and dual-energy CT (DECT) do not provide the same quantification of urate deposition in gout: results from a cross-sectional study
N. Namane, Lille/FR
* Validation of asynchronous quantitative bone densitometry of the spine: Accuracy, short-term reproducibility, and a comparison with conventional quantitative computed tomography
L. Wang, Beijing/CN
* New dietary strategies addressing the specific needs of elderly population for a healthy aging in Europe(NU-AGE): the effect of a tailored Mediterranean diet on body composition
G. Zanirato Rambaldi, Bologna/IT
* Radiocarpal plicae: prevalence, MR arthrographic features and association with radial-sided wrist pain
A. Monier, Lausanne/CH
* Ultrasound superb microvascular imaging in the evaluation of synovial vascularity: a preliminary study
S. Gitto, Milan/IT
* Changes and associations of biochemical zonal chondral T2*-mapping in the knee joint and cartilage oligomeric matrix protein levels during a TransEurope FootRace over 4.486 km.
U. Schütz, Ulm/DE
* Interosseous membrane imaging in traumatic forearm injuries
A. Rudel, Nice/FR
* Great exSPECT-CTations: Hybrid imaging in traumatic wrist injuries
D. Dalili, London/UK






16:30 - 18:15 Metabolic bone disease

Metabolic bone disease
A. Bazzocchi, Bologna/IT – J. Patsch, Vienna/AT
* MRI in hematological disease and bone health
A. Baur-Melnyk, Munich/DE
* Imaging in Anorexia Nervosa
C. Phan, Paris/FR
* Differential diagnosis of benign and malignant vertebral fracture
V. Pansini, Bari/IT
* DXA and body composition
C. Messina, Milan/IT
* Imaging of insufficiency fractures
V. Vasilevska, Skopje/MK
* Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
A. Heuck, Munich/DE
* Imaging of osteogenesis imperfecta
A. Fotiadou, London/UK
* Imaging of renal osteodistrophy
N. Sabir, Denizli/TR
* Interventional procedures in the osteoporotic bone
V. Bousson, Paris/FR


Room 1

08:30 - 10:15 Refresher Course - Trauma: spine and pelvis

Trauma: Spine and pelvis     
M. Ukmar, Trieste/IT, V.Pullicino, Oswestry/UK
* Imaging of cervical ligament injury
W. Peh, Singapore/SG
* Whiplash’: Is there a role for the radiologist?
M. Adriaensen, Heerlen/NL
* Thoracic cage trauma
M. Scaglione, Castel Volturno/IT
* Lumbar spine trauma
M. Gallazzi, Milan/IT
* Spinal cord trauma
M. Martucci, Rome/IT
* Pelvic ring trauma
A. Leone, Rome/IT
* Vascular injuries
G. Carrafiello, Varese/IT
* Non-traumatic emergencies around spine
E. Llopis, Valencia/ES
* Temporomandibular joint trauma
C. Krestan, Vienna/AT
* Pediatric pelvic trauma
V. Miele, Rome/IT, M. Galluzzo, Rome/IT

10:45 - 12:30 Scientific Paper Session - Knee

Scientific Paper Session – Knee  
L. Macarini, Foggia/IT – C.M. Lohman, Helsinki/FI
* Uncovering of the anterior medial meniscus – a sign of posterior cruciate ligament deficiency
A. P. Parkar, Bergen/NO
* Morel-Lavallée lesions of the knee: An MRI/Cadaveric study describing imaging features and suggesting an explanation for their usual location
E. Vassalou, Heraklion/GR
* Evaluation of a 3D accelerated SPACE sequence with compressed sensing and free-stop scan mode for imaging of the knee
B. Henninger, Innsbruck/AT
* Quantitative T2* relaxation times of articular cartilage of the knee in elite professional soccer players in comparison to age- and BMI-matched healthy individuals
M. Regier, Hamburg/DE
* Comparison of T2 relaxation times of anterolateral femoral cartilage in patients after ACL-repair with and without femoral notch sign compared to healthy individuals
M. Regier, Hamburg/DE
* Intra-articular application of pulsed radiofrequency for pain reduction and mobility improvement in osteoarthritis of the knee joint
D. Filippiadis, Athens/GR
* High-resolution ultrasound visualization of the intermediate and medial femoral cutaneous nerves—normal and pathologic findings
G. J. Riegler, Vienna/AT
* Role of MRI to predict meniscal tears reparability
P. Felisaz, Milan/IT
* High-resolution ultrasound in acute meniscal tear diagnosis
M. Ivanoski, Ohrid/MKD
* The diagnostic yield and role of image guided tissue sampling in the diagnosis of chronic Total Knee Joint Replacement infection: our single centre experience.
L. Wing, Oxford/UK
* Microstructural evaluation of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) with MR-diffusion tensor imaging (DTI): Further experience
I. Voicu, Chieti/IT
* Anterior cruciate ligament pathology as a predisposing factor for bucket handle tear of medial meniscus
O. Albtoush, Tübingen/DE

14:00 - 15:45 Sport Session: How to help the surgeon?

Sport: How to help the shoulder surgeon manage sports lesions?    
C. Faletti, Turin/IT –  J. Kramer, Linz/AT
* Labrum: can we differentiate normal wear from pathology?
M. De Filippo, Parma/IT
* Capsulolabral variants versus lesions
C. Glaser, Munich/DE
* Capsulolabral pathologies: Not only Bankart
I. Boric, Zabok/HR
* Bony lesions: a bipolar problem
P. Jungmann, Munich/DE;  A.Vieira, Porto/PT
* Biceps pulley lesions & biceps instability
R. Sutter, Zurich/CH
* Inferior glenohumeral ligament anatomy & pathology
S. Maresch, Ede/NL
* Superior & middle glenohumeral ligament anatomy and lesions
M. Shahabpour, Brussels/BE
* Rotator cuff tears
E. McNally, Oxford/UK
* Pectoralis major tears
M. Zanetti, Zurich/CH
* Suprascapular nerve entrapment
G. Bierry, Strasbourg/FR

16:15 - 17:15 Quiz Session

Room 2

08:30 - 10:15 Spine Diagnostics and Interventionals
Spine Diagnostics and Interventionals
F. Aparisi, Valencia /ES – T. Popolizio, San Giovanni Rotondo/IT
* Spinal Infections
E. Dion, Paris/FR
* Weight-bearing imaging of the spine: Is it useful?
M. Boesen, Copenhagen/DK
* Soft tissues involvement in low back pain
P. D’Aprile, Bari/IT
* What’s new on disk treatment?
A. Kelekis, Athens/GR
* Advanced percutaneous augmentation for porotic fractures
S. Masala, Rome/IT
* Percutaneous screw fixation in the pelvis
N. Amoretti, Nice/FR
* New therapy for low back pain
S. Marcia, Cagliari/IT
* Percutaneous approach of primary and secondary spine tumors
A. Cianfoni, Lugano/CH
* Fusion imaging-guided interventions in the spine
D. Wilson, Oxford/UK
10:45 - 12:30 Scientific Paper Session - Tumor and other

Scientific Paper Session – Tumor and other 
A. Cammarota, Rionero/IT – R. Izzo, Naples/IT
* Cementoplasty for managing painful bone metastases outside the spine
G. Sun, Jinan/CN
* Bone involvement in extranodal Hodgkin disease: diagnostic methods compared.
P. Pedote, Bari/IT
* Extraspinal Percutaneous Osteoplasty for the Treatment of Painful Bony Metastasis
K. H. Kim, Yangsan/KR
* Shear-wave elastography with ultrasonography for discriminating benign and malignant soft tissues tumors
N. Regnard, Paris/FR
* T2-weighted SE Dixon sequence: a one-stop shop for the morphological assessment of bone marrow metastases?
Y. Maeder, Lausanne/CH
* Bone metastases: A complex disease, a multidisciplinary and multimodality approach
C. Gasperini, Bologna/IT
* Differentiation between benign and pathologic vertebral compression fractures using Golden-angle RAdial Sparse Parallel (GRASP) Imaging
M. Garcia Alzamora, Basel/CH
* Solid Bone Tumors of the Spine: Diagnostic Performance of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Measured using Diffusion Weighted MRI with Histology as a Reference Standard
D. Albano, Palermo/IT
* The prevalence of a sublabral recess in the anterosuperior glenoid labrum
A. Nitschke, Fitchburg/US
* Incidence of Rotator Internal Abnormality in 50 Consecutive Shoulder MR Studies
N. Purohit, Stanmore/UK
* Localization of the CT scanner – does it always has to be integrated in the trauma room?
K. F. Kreitner, Mainz/DE
* Dark-Field Radiography in a clinical setting: new imaging technique makes wooden foreign bodies visible
D. Muenzel, Munich/DE

14:00 - 14:50 Publish or Perish
Publish or Perish M. Midiri, Palermo/IT – O. Schillaci, Rome/IT * How to write a scientific manuscript G. Astrom, Uppsala/SE * Ethics in publication A. Giovagnoni, Ancona/IT * The peer-review process: critical issues H. Imhof, Vienna/AT * How to get published J. Hodler, Zurich/CH
14:50 - 15:45 Medicolegal and forensic issues

Medicolegal and forensic issues  
J. Blickman, Rochester/US; A. Carriero, Novara/IT
* Bone age assessment by MRI
F. Dedouit, Toulouse/FR
* Spectrum of missed fractures in the ER
A. Pinto, Naples/IT
* San Nicola di Bari: imaging analysis
F. Introna, Bari/IT
* Imaging of battered child syndrome
J. Blickman, Rochester/US

Room 3

08:30 - 10:15 Advanced concepts and new technologies

Advanced concepts and new technologies
M. Tzalonikou, Athens/GR – F. Florio, San Giovanni Rotondo/IT
* Advanced concepts in ACL MRI
K. Bohndorf, Munich/DE
* Vertebral fractures in ankylosed spine: A diagnostic challenge
B. vande Berg, Brussels/BE
* MRI of articular injuries: Osteochondral-subchondral and traumatic ebone edema
F. Roemer, Erlangen/DE
* Pelvic musculoskeletal disorders related to pregnancy
M. Chellli Bouaziz, Tunis/TN
* Robotic- and imaging-guided procedures in the MSK system
B. Zobel, Rome/IT
* Dual-energy CT: What is it and how to use
P. Omoumi, Lausanne/CH
* Dual Energy CT With Iodine Mapping in Psoriatic Arthritis
K. Fukuda, Tokio/JP
* Dual-energy CT: New applications in arthritis imaging
L. Jans, Dendermonde/BE
* Iterative reconstruction technique: Dose reduction and image quality
F. Becce, Lausanne/CH
* Weight-bearing MRI of the foot in athletes
S. Giannini, Rome/IT

10:45 - 12:30 Scientific Paper Session - Ankle and other

Scientific Paper Session – Ankle and other  
E. Genovese, Varese/IT – N. Chidambaranathan, Tamil Nadu/IN
* Paleoradiological analysis of mummifed parts from Egyptian Collection of Zagreb Archeological Museum
M. Cavka, Zagreb/HR
* Characterising changes in muscle quantity and quality in patients requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation during critical illness: an observational cohort study
A. Isaac, London/UK
* Evaluation of reproducibility of the MOCART score in patients with osteochondral lesions of the talus repaired using the autologous matrix-induced chondrogenesis (AMIC) technique
A. Corazza, Genoa/IT
* Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound in Achilles tendinopathy: Predictive role and response assessment to platelet-rich plasma and adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction injection
C. Messina, Milan/IT
* Plantar plate disease as a part of forefoot overload syndrome: the role of MRI in detecting associated injuries
V. Tempesta, Viterbo/IT
* Quantitative assessment of joint space narrowing progression in the feet of rheumatoid arthritis patients using a computer-based temporal subtraction method
T. Kamishima, Sapporo/JP
* Efficacy of US-guided needling for the treatment of Achilles tendon tendinopathy: clinical and imaging evaluation in comparison with conservative physical therapy
S. Quarchioni,  L’Aquila/IT
* Value of weight-bearing (WB) MRI scans for the evaluation of traumatic and overload pathologies of the midtalar (MT) and subtalar (ST) joints
F. Bruno,  L’Aquila/IT
* MR finding of Deltoid ligament tear: Which component of the deltoid ligament was injury-prone?
Y. Kobashi, Chiba/JP
* Quantitative muscle ultrasound as an imaging biomarker for frailty syndrome.
R. Miron Mombiela, Valencia/ES
* Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction: Correlation between magnetic resonance imaging, clinical and histological findings
V. Chianca, Naples/IT
* Measurement of pennation angle in the aging population
J. Vucetic, Valencia/ES
* Preliminary experience in disorder and dysfunction of TMJ using a MRI weight bearing in dynamic orthostatic exam and comparative clinostatic exam.
S. Giannini, Rome/IT

14:00 - 15:45 Tumor - Part 2

Tumor – Part 2     
R. Arkun, Izmir/TR –  I. Nöbauer-Huhmann, Vienna/AT
* MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment for painful bone metastases
S. Guerri, Bologna/IT
* Lipoma vs. liposarcoma: A diagnostic challenge
T. Dietrich, St. Gallen/CH
* When should an urgent change in patient management be sought in tumors?
H. T. Sanal, Ankara/TR
* Diagnosing bone metastases as a new emergency with high social and healthcare costs
M. Weber, Heidelberg/DE
* When multiple myeloma becomes an emergency?
D. Albano, Palermo/IT
* Spinal cord compression because of spinal tumors
J. Martel, Alcorcon/ES
* Acute pain control in interventional procedures of tumors
J. Gielen, Antwerp/BE
* Whole-body MRI – Applications  in bone metastases
F. Lecouvet, Brussels/BE
* Whole-body MRI – Applications  in lymphomas
A. Stecco, Novara/IT
* Imaging-guided procedures to treat oncologic disease in MSK
D. de Ceglia, Bari/IT