Congress programme

Congress Programme

June 13-14: Ultrasound Workshop
This 1,5 days workshop will be organised by the ESSR Ultrasound Subcommittee in cooperation with the Local Organising Committee.

June 15-16: Annual Scientific Meeting
The congress programme will offer scientific sessions and educational lectures presented in parallel sessions allowing delegates to put together a program best suited to their needs. This year the theme will be “Muscle and Nerve”.


Room 1

Muscle and nerve anatomy and imaging. Opening session

08:30    Muscle anatomy and imaging techniques
08:50    Muscle Fat: Assessment and implications
09:10    Muscle edema: What does it mean?
09:30    Nerve anatomy and US Imaging
09:50    MR Neurography
10:10    Muscle and nerve: To be assessed together – Cases

Scientific Paper Session

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Industry Sponsored Lunch Symposium

Upper Extremity
Lower Extremity

Imaging Nerves: How I do it

13:30    Ultrasound of brachial plexus injuries
13:45    MR imaging of traumatic plexus and nerve root avulsions
14:00    Diagnostic ultrasound of peripheral nerve
14:15    Evaluation of the lumbar plexus
14:30    Nerve entrapment in elbow and wrist
14:45    Nerve entrapment in ankle and foot


15:30    Case presentation
15:35    Dermatomyositis and polymyositis in CR, CT, and MRI
15:50    Inflammatory myositis DD with other muscles inflammation and soft tissue calcifications
16:05    Juvenile DM and other rare juvenile inflammatory arthropathies
16:20    Cristal- induced myositis
16:30    MSK applications of elastography
16:40    Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis – a novel scoring system for hip involvement
16:50    Case presentation

Muscle variations and disease

17:00    Accessory Muscles
17:15    Myositis and fasciitis: Prevalence and imaging characteristics
17:30    Sarcopenia: More than just muscle atrophy
17:45    Muscle loss in the elderly: Clinical implications
18:00    Imaging patterns of muscle atrophy
18:15    Muscle diseases: An overview of advanced imaging techniques


Room 2



Scientific Paper Session

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ESSR meets EULAR; Radiology in rheumatology practice

13:30    Introduction
13:35    Indications and clinical implications of MR imaging in RA
13:55    MRI in early and established RA: What is the added value?
14:15    Indications and clinical implications of MR imaging in SpA
14:35    MRI in early and established SpA: What is the added value?
14:55    Discussion

Sports related muscle & nerve injuries

15:30    Case presentation
15:35    Imaging of muscle injury: Classification
15:50    Muscle injury temporal changes and complications
16:05    Muscle hernia
16:15    Traumatic neuropathies in sports
16:30    Muscles and nerves injuries related to overhead sports
16:45    Case presentation


Room 1

Diagnosing Soft Tissue Tumours: Guidelines in Clinical Practice

08:30    Diagnostic imaging of soft tissue tumours: ESSR guidelines
08:45    Ultrasound of common soft tissue lesions: Back to basics
09:00    Soft tissue tumours: Diagnostic features
09:15    Lipoma or liposarcoma: Diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines
09:30    Multimodality imaging in differentiating benign and malignant neurogenic tumours
09:45    Whole body MRI of neurofibromatosis
10:00    Biopsy of soft tissue tumours: Tricks of the trade
10:15    Postoperative changes in muscle and nerve tumours – special aspects

Technology and techniques

11:00    Diffusion Tensor Imaging
11:10    Diffusion weighted MRI
11:20    Optimising MRI for metal
11:30    Whole body MRI
11:40    Dixon technique
11:50    Dual Energy CT for Gout
12:00    PET CT and PET MR in MSK tumours
12:10    Image postprocessing: Techniques
12:20    Image postprocessing: Clinical application

Industry Sponsored Lunch Symposium
Scientific Paper Session

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Muscle tendon bone junction

14:40    Case presentation
14:45    Anatomy and pathology of the muscle tendon bone junction
14:55    Overuse syndromes: Etiology and prognosis
15:05    Quadriceps tendon insertion pathology
15:15    US and/or MRI of insertional pathology – tbc
15:25    Biceps and triceps muscle avulsion injuries
15:35    Hamstrings injuries at the muscle tendon bone junction
15:35    Paediatric pelvis avulsions
15:45    Case presentation
15:55    Q&A

Quiz Session

Room 2

Trauma: Muscle and nerve injuries

08:30    Shoulder
08:50    Elbow
09:10    Wrist and hand
09:30    Hip
09:50    Knee
10:10    Ankle and foot

Radiologist and Clinican collaboration; Guidelines in a case-based session

11:00    MSK oncology fast track
11:20    Shoulder imaging and surgical indications
11:40    Cartilage imaging and surgical repair: Indications and results
12:00    Muscle injuries in sports: What the sports physician needs to know
12:20    Standardised reporting: Guidelines for the radiologist, benefits for the clinician



Scientific Paper Session

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Ultrasound guided interventions in muscle and nerve pathology. Indications and clinical outcome

14:40    Biopsy of soft tissue masses: When is it indicated?
14:50    Dry Needling and PRP: Clinical outcome based on the literature
15:00    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Is there a role for nonsurgical treatment?
15:10    US guided treatment of elbow nerve entrapments: When is it useful?
15:20    Radiological treatment of a Morton Neuroma; Short and long term results?
15:30    Piriformis syndrome; What is it and does a radiologist play a role in treatment?
15:40    Post-herniorrhaphy pain syndrome; Diagnosis and treatment
15:50    Injectable Viscoelastic Supplements in Osteoarthritis: Is it useful?
16:00    Barbotage: The past, the present and the future